Baby Chickens can be friendly & fun

How To Socialize Baby Chickens To Be Friendly & Fun

Before you decide to incubate some chicken eggs, you need to know the proper way of teaching your chicks to socialize. You don’t want to be the farmer that has chickens who peck humans on site. In fact, chickens who don’t learn proper social cues often can’t thrive amongst other chickens.

Poultry farm, baby chicks.

These chicks typically become social outcasts and fail to reproduce. This is counterproductive if you’re trying to start a poultry farm.

Once you finish the incubating process, there are steps you need to follow so your chickens socially thrive.

Arrival Day

Once your chicken eggs hatch, you want as little as possible human contact. In fact, you need to avoid handling the chicks for the initial couple of days they are in the brooder. These chicks are getting accumulated to a new environment and are extremely sensitive to their surroundings.

You don't want to make the mistake of forcing your chick to socialize with other chicks during this period. You also don't want to force human contact on newly hatched chicks as well.

Day 3 To Day 6: The Start Of Socializing

Once three days pass, you are now encouraged to socialize with your chicks. Poultry farmers recommend placing your hand in the box you put your chicks in and allow them to walk around. You should slowly move so they can get used to the physical contact.

If you have a curious chick, it'll probably hop onto your hand and walk around. Fast movements will alarm your chicks and have an adverse impact on their social skills.

Around day 4, it's recommended to start feeding your chicks. You can place your hand full of food inside the box, and allow the chicks to eat off of it.

While your chicks eat, you can gently talk to them, so they get sued to the sound of your voice.

Socialize baby chickens

Your chicks will also begin to associate the sound of your voice with food, so you'll be training them during this period. You don't want to startle your chicks, so you should move slowly anytime you are in their presence.

What Is A Baby Chicken Called?

Young chickens that are newly hatched are called chicks. If you want gender specific terms, you can call female chicks pullets up until they are a year of age. You can call male chicks cockerels up until they are one year old.

How To Take Care Of A Baby Chicken

You need to follow proper baby chicken care guidelines to have a healthy chick. You should wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water every time before handling your chicks.

Take care of a baby chicken

To be extra meticulous, use an alcohol hand sanitizer, so you know your hands are clean after handling the chick.

For those who have children, make sure they don't touch their faces or mouths after handling the chicks.

You need to also change your clothes and shoes before going to an area where there are chickens. This limits your chances of transmitting disease to your chicks, which can easily happen if you aren’t careful.


Baby chickens aren't hard to maintain if you know the in's and out's of how to help them socialize. Understanding safety procedures for baby chicken care is also essential to have a thriving poultry farm.

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