HovaBator Digital Advanced Egg Incubator

G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator

If you’re interested in hatching eggs but don’t want to become too confused with a bunch of different products, you need something simple and straight to the point. For egg hatchers who don’t mind putting in work themselves to get the perfect hatch success rate, simplicity again will be something you look for. This means you need a trusted machine without too many bells and whistles that allow you to get more involved in the hatching process as a whole.

However, the latest and greatest incubators now seem to come with too many bits and pieces, and with the automatic functions available many people feel they’ve lost the personal satisfaction of taking part in the egg hatching process. You might prefer to get involved in the entire process, whether it’s for yourself or education purposes.

G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator

Thankfully the G.Q.F Manufacturing 1602N HovaBator Incubator is one of the oldest and most popular egg hatchers, and it comes with all the simplicity that it’s famous for. If you like to get involved with your egg hatching and need a reliable product to help you get the job done, you really can’t go past this famous brand.

About The Product

Whether you’re new to egg hatching or a seasoned professional, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the HovaBator name before. This is the world’s best small incubator and loved by amateur and serious egg hatchers the world over. Their 1602N Incubator is their number one best seller and has a great success rate for egg hatching.

This incubator comes as a single product, so unlike other varieties that offer complete kits, this one is intended for the most basic use. When you purchase from this series, you’re given the option to add any extra features you like that come from the HovaBator range so it’s fully customizable to your needs.

The 1602N HovaBator Incubator is a basic but affordable model which features:

  • Thermal air flow for optimum hatching conditions;
  • Two small windows on top for viewing and educational purposes;
  • Wafer thermostat for proven, accurate technology;​
  • Easy to use single level hatching design;
G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator with eggs

If you’re an egg hatcher who doesn’t mind getting their hands dirty, the HovaBator Incubator is exceptional value for money in a great little package. This incubator allows you to manually turn the eggs and adjust the temperature so that you can have complete control of your egg hatching process.

The Good And The Bad

Depending on the style of egg hatcher you are, you’re likely to get different benefits from this compared to the next person. If what you’re after, though, is a no fuss approach to incubation that doesn’t rely on any automatic timers or temperature adjustments the HovaBator Incubator is for you.

However, some reviewers have noted problems with the temperature in the incubator and stated that they had to babysit their eggs quite closely to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

If the temperature in your home is prone to these fluctuations, you can almost guarantee that the eggs will be feeling the same in their temporary home. This means you should keep an extra careful eye on things and use multiple thermometers and checks to ensure the temperature and humidity are ideal.

To safeguard against possible problems with temperatures, it’s ideal to run the incubator in your home for a few days so you can get an idea of the changes. This means your incubator will safely house the eggs and you can have peace of mind that conditions will be perfect for them to hatch with a high success rate.

Thankfully, since the HovaBator brand is so widely popular there are plenty of extra products you can use to take the work out of incubating. If you wish, you can purchase an automatic egg turner or trays so the process of hatching eggs is just a little bit simpler.

The best thing about the HovaBator Incubator is its simplicity, so whether you’re just starting out with hatching eggs and want something easy to use, or you’re a long term hatcher who doesn’t need complicated devices and automatic functions, you’ll be really pleased with the basic nature of this incubator.

Where To Buy HovaBator Incubator

If you’re looking to purchase one of the world’s most famous small incubators, the best price available currently online is with Amazon. This extremely affordable incubator from HovaBator can be purchased for just over $65 which is exceptional value for money when you consider the use you’ll get out of it.

For now, Amazon will even provide free shipping of this product so you don’t have to spend any extra, and if you’re an Amazon Prime member you can enjoy this express shipped too. This means you’ll be able to get started right away with incubation and can enjoy your hatchlings in no time at all. There’s a one-year limited warranty on this product for peace of mind, but if reviews are anything to go by then the quality of this device will last for much more.

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There are some extra products you might like to purchase for your HovaBator Incubator, including an additional thermometer and an automatic egg turner. While you can turn the eggs for yourself, the egg turner simply safeguards against any cracks or drops that can occur due to human error. However, for the satisfaction of hatching the eggs yourself, this isn’t an absolute necessity.

The Verdict

There’s a good reason why the HovaBator Incubator is the world’s best small incubator, and that’s due to its simplicity and quality. This series provides a good base model for your egg hatching needs which you can add to as you wish, depending on the level of involvement you want.

If you’re ready to enjoy the world of egg hatching and need a serious incubator that won’t break the bank, click here to purchase the HovaBator Incubator today.

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