Model 2150 Air Incubator

Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator

Although chicken incubators date back many years, it doesn’t mean the modern egg hatcher has to be stuck with outdated accessories and machines. The modern way to incubate eggs is a device that can take the hard work out of hatching, and bring this beloved hobby into the new age.

Traditional incubators might get the job done, but they can sometimes be slow to heat up and it can take work to get their outdated knobs and buttons to work. This takes away from the enjoyment of the hatching at hand and makes it feel as though the incubating process is boring and stuffy.

If you’ve tried using older style incubators before and found them not to your liking, you’ve probably been searching for something digital and modern to make things a little easier. There is such a product and it’s been able to perfectly blend the satisfaction and enjoyment of hatching eggs with the technology and accessories we use today.

farm innovators 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator

The Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator signals the future of egg hatching at home, with digital displays that show you everything you need to hatch your eggs to perfection, and a stack of other features that take the guesswork out of the incubation process.

About The Product

Farm Innovators create a range of products intended for use with animals, and cover everything from poultry to felines, with plenty in between. Their products are intended to make caring for animals easier than ever, and they often have a modern approach to some outdated items.

The Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator is a prime example of this and allows the user to fit four dozen eggs within. As an extremely affordable incubator for beginners or professionals, buyers will be very pleased with all of its features.

  • Easy to read digital display which shows temperature and humidity;
  • Days to hatch display can be adjusted for variety of eggs and will count down;
  • High/low temperature light will notify you when conditions are below 97°F or above 103°F;
  • Achieves a 360-degree view inside the incubator with a large picture window for viewing or education purposes;
  • Durable, hard plastic shell for easy cleaning and maintenance;

If you like to have all of the extra features from your incubator and want something that feels a little more modern than traditional machines, you can’t go past the Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator. This is an easy to clean, simple to use, and exciting adaptation of the traditional incubator styles.

Pros And Cons Of Digital Still Air Incubators

For those who have been sitting on the fence in regards to upgrading their incubator, you’ll be pleased to know that this is one of the more affordable ones without giving up any of the features. The only real issue to note is that there’s no automatic egg turner attached, so you will need to purchase one if you wish to have this done automatically.

Some reviewers have noted that due to holes in the bottom of the cage’s design, water can sometimes leak. A quick fix for this is to keep a towel underneath, however, it’s not always ideal. If you can forgive this small design flaw, it’s exceptional value for money considering how well they handle the eggs and the digital display you get.

Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator

This incubator was fairly spot on in regards to temperature, with many reviewers saying the thermometer was extremely accurate and the instructions in regards to each egg’s time were good. If you’re fairly new to hatching eggs and need assistance with the finer details, this makes a great choice for a first machine.

Many of the online reviews stated how happy they were with the hatch success rate they achieved, and because you’re able to incubate a range of eggs including ducks, chicken, goose, and quail, it’s really the only machine you’ll ever need. For the price and all the features, it’s certainly one of the better picks for a small sized incubator.

How To Get Farm Innovator Model 2105

Once you’ve settled on the Farm Innovators Digital Still Air Incubator for your choice, you’ll want to find the best deal around. Currently, Amazon has this listed for an extremely affordable price just under $65. This also includes free shipping straight to your door, with no extra hidden costs. Amazon Prime members can benefit further with express shipping for free as well, so you can get started straight away.

Farm Innovators have a range of other products that can be used with their incubators, so it’s up to you to pick and choose what you like. Egg candlers, egg turners, and even products for once your chicks hatch and grow, they have a huge selection of affordable and quality items. However, this one incubator has everything you need for a successful hatch so there’s no need to upgrade if you don’t wish.

In terms of warranty, Farm Innovators offer just a one-year limited warranty on this product and their other incubators, however, for such an affordable price, it would be worth the cost even if you only got to use it for 12 months. Judging by the reviews in regards to its construction and quality, it’s likely to last a lot longer than this, though, so you can feel satisfied that you’re buying a quality product.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a totally unique and modern variation of the traditional incubator, Farm Innovators Digital Still Air Incubator has to be it. With just the right construction and settings to get you a high success rate on your hatchlings and helpful digital displays and timers, you can take the guesswork out of incubation.

Farm innovators 2150 digital

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For those who are ready to step into the future with their incubating and want an affordable but easy to use device, click here to purchase the Farm Innovators Digital Still Air Incubator today.

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