Confidence Pet Chicken Coop Review

Confidence Pet Chicken Coop: An Individual Review

Due to the increase of dependence on industrialized foods and busy personal lifestyles, having a backyard chicken coop is a healthier alternative. Eggs that are made from homemade birds are a great source of low-fat protein.

Because of this fact, you need a chicken coop to make high-quality eggs. With the Confidence Pet Chicken Coop, it gives them enough room to live naturally and create eggs when they’re reading. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time or a veteran farmer, this coop will provide a comfortable place for your chickens to live in.

Confidence Pet 62" Review

​About The ​Product

Technical Specs:

  • ​Durable Steel Wire
  • ​Suitable for chickens, ferrets, and rabbits
  • ​Furniture-grade wood
  • play
    Antifungal Finish
  • play
    Double Level Hutch


The Confidence Pet Chicken Coop has enough area for 10 chickens to play in. And it has a ramp that allows them to move between the coop’s multiple tiers. It’s currently sold on Amazon at a price about $133.


The coop’s main advantage is its smooth build construction. The edges of the coop are fully sanded, which removes chemical tracing from harming your chickens. Due to its waterproof finish, the coop protects your chickens from rain and other weather ailments.

Another thing we noticed is the coop’s easy installation. It has pre-drilled holes that allow you to assemble the coop within 30 minutes. Follow the instruction manual to ensure that your everything is installed properly.

While the coop has a lot of ventilation, the run space and windows are protected from danger due to its heavy steel wire. You’ll be able to fit a decent amount of baby chicks inside the coop and 4-5 grown chickens when using this product.

And, the Confidence Pet Chicken Coop is about 4 ft tall. Since it weighs 41lbs, its lightweight enough to be transported to another location. Users like this chicken coop because of its lightweight cedar finish and its enhanced mobility.

Confidence Pet 62”

This 62-inch chicken coop model is great for owners trying to house multiple pets. The coop’s vast size offers a large running area for a multitude of your pets to play in. It also includes a ramp that allows them to move between multiple levels inside the coop.

Also, the coop has great craftsmanship behind it. For instance, it has an asphalt roof that has a waterproof element and an antifungal finish. This protects your eggs from getting contaminated and helps them grow organically.

The coop’s layout is another advantage. It has a provision for small modifications; meaning that you can add extra walls or floors to the coop as desired. We suggest that you modify the coop’s layout to prevent predators or intruders from harassing your chickens.

And the coop consists of two lockable doors with wooden latches. The Confidence Pet Chicken Coop also has a wood thickness of 0.8 inches. Because of this, your pets can remain safe and have a safe area to grow, incubate, and hatch their eggs.


But there are some drawbacks associated with this product. On some occasions, consumers had to hand drill 80% of the holes by hand. If you’re having complications assembling the coop, get professional help to aid in the installation.

Chickens and other small pets can dig through the bottom of the coop. This is because the coop doesn’t offer a wire-bottom or a floor to prevent this from happening. We suggest that you add an extra layer of flooring to ensure that your chickens stay inside the coop.

Confidence Pet 62”

Some shoppers disliked the roof’s low durability. For instance, the 4 screws that hold the door’s hinges together falls off after about 4 months of usage. Reinstall the door if this issue ever occurs to you.

You might want to cover up the windows during winter seasons. The windows are open meaning that snow and rain can enter them. Cover your windows if you live in humid or colder climates to protect your chickens from freezing.


You need a chicken coop to keep your poultry relaxed and in a state where they can grow eggs. Fortunately, that’s where the Confidence Pet Chicken Coop comes in. It’s a great choice if you’re just starting and want to create a quality habitat for your hens.

Mainly, we believe that the Confidence Pet Chicken Coop is a great choice for first-time farmers. It’s known for its durability, protective outer covering, and its steel wire construction. Buy this coop if you’re serious about monitoring your chickens and giving them a safe environment to care for their eggs. 

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