Buying The Best Egg Hygrometer: The Best Buying Guide In 2017

Buying The Best Egg Hygrometer In 2017

Everyone needs a good hygrometer. It allows you to see the exact temperature your eggs are to ensure that they don't rot or lose their quality. The reason why hygrometers have gone up in sales is because their readings have helped farmers keep their eggs in the right setting it needs to grow.

But some consumers don't know where to buy hygrometers. Let this guide be a quick resource in helping you find the right hygrometer that's suited to your needs. Find out the right hygrometer in this review and see which one will give you the most utility.

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Why Should You Choose Your Egg Hygrometer Carefully

There are some egg hygrometers in the market that are defective. For instance, they'll show the reading, but at a few degrees away from the true result. This can be dangerous for farmers as they need the right temperature to keep their eggs fully.

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Because of this, you need to choose your egg hygrometer carefully. When shopping, you'll have to consider what specs each hygrometer has. Does it have the features that you desire? If so, make a purchase based on the one that suits your needs the most.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Product

Your egg hygrometer is one of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll own. Here a few things that you should consider when getting your first egg hygrometer:

Ease Of Use

The main thing you should consider is usability. The best egg incubators and hygrometers don't take too long to get used to. On average, it should take you at least 2 weeks to finally understand your device fully.

We suggest that you test out a few products to see which one works for you the best. Doing this step will ensure that your hygrometer functions properly and will last for the long term. Once you find one that's the most user-friendly to you, buy it to help your eggs grow.


This is also another important aspect in finding the right egg hygrometer. As a rule of thumb, you'll need a metal hygrometer with a good LCD display. But you also have to look into the build construction and internal nuances of the hygrometer to ensure that it will work.


Precision helps you find out the temperature and humidity of your eggs. To do so, see how well it gives out measurements. If it gives the humidity within a 10%-99% RH range, then chances are you have a good hygrometer.

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Also, the temperature needs to display degrees from -60°F to 150° or higher. This ensures you'll get the best reading from the hygrometer and take care of your eggs more efficiently.

Winner: Incubator Warehouse Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

Starting off our list is the Incubator Warehouse Hygrometer. It's known as the best hygrometer for incubators because of its modern design and its functional usage. It can show the temperature and the amount of humidity in your eggs within seconds. You can get this on Amazon at a price around $25. Some notable features:

  • Large Digital Display
  • Minimum and Max memory for humidity and temperature
  • Remote probe to keep the display outside and place the probe inside
  • Hygrometer with a remote sensor
  • Digital Thermometer

One thing that consumers like about this device is its accurate readings. It places itself above the competition because it gives readings at 0.5 increments. Compare this to other devices that show its temperature in 1.0 units. This hygrometer is precise and comes in handy when you need the right temperature levels for your incubated eggs.

We also noticed how the device could accurately track the temperature and humidity. You use the machine by turning it on and placing it near the eggs. Consumers like this device because it helps them figure out if they need to add heat or lower the temperature to ensure their eggs incubate correctly.

Incubator Warehouse Digital Thermometer Hygrometer



The probe is this product's defining feature. It allows users to check one egg from the batch to measure its current condition. When using the probe, make sure that your egg is at a good temperature to ensure that it gives the best reading possible.

But, there are a few consumer issues associated with the device. The motor tends to break often and can give the wrong readings as a result. If your motor breaks, feel free to call for a replacement to ensure that the device works again.

Still, you should look into the Incubator Warehouse Hygrometer. Users like this device because it helps them with taking care of their eggs in a clear and concise way. If you're serious about the quality of your eggs and the level of your incubation, you should buy this product immediately.

Runner-Up: Avianweb Digital Thermo Hygrometer

Next on our list is the Avianweb Digital Thermo Hygrometer. The device has a temperature measuring range that measures temperatures within a range of -58°F to +158°F. If you want this device, you can find it on Amazon at a price about $14.

  • Small and Compact
  • Temperature display resolution: 0.2°F (0.1°C)
  • Digital display of temperature and humidity in Fahrenheit
  • Display Dimensions: 1.3" x 0.6"
  • Best used for small areas

The first thing you'll notice is this device's small size. Its dimensions are 2"w x 1"h x 0.5", making it very easy to carry around in your garden. This super compact incubator unit is perfect for users who live in limited spaces.

This digital hydrometer is usually popular when used in brooders, egg incubators, and through general household applications. Avianweb designed this device to be used in almost any situation. That's why consumers can use this device to measure the temperature in their cars, cigar cabinet humidors, and their wine cabinets.

Avianweb Digital Thermo Hygrometer



When it comes to its humidity readings, it displays it at a range of 10%RH to 99%RH. This means that you'll be able to see the humidity as soon as the device is turned on. Consumers like this device because it tells them how much moisture is needed to bring their eggs in good condition.

However, you might want to watch out for the lack of correct readings. Shoppers reported that the device would only show their readings in a 6° or 7° higher than its true temperature and humidity. Feel free to get a replacement or a reimbursement if this occurs.

Overall, the Avianweb Digital Thermo Hygrometer is the best digital thermometer hygrometer for incubators in the market. It will notify you when your eggs are at the optimal temperature for incubation. If you want high-quality eggs at a low price, then you should look into this device.

Alternative: Iapsales Egg Incubator

Ranked last is the Iapsales Egg Incubator. It allows users to correctly read the humidity and temperature of your egg, pet terrarium or the egg incubators. And, the incubator is useful in making giving a ± 1.2 F temperature and ± 5%RH humidity levels. You can get this device on Amazon at a price around $15.

  • Two 35" Sensors Included
  • Displays the Max/Min Memory
  • 3-in-1 Mounting Feature
  • 1.5 Volt Power
  • Helps measure the temperature and humidity in the egg incubator

The incubator does a great job at storing the maximum and minimum temperatures daily. This allows you to stay up to date and find if there are any deviations in the terrarium tanks. As a result, you'll be able to take care of your eggs better by being alerted on their health and finding the right levels to help maintain it.

Another thing that we like about the device is its two remote sensors. Competing products only have one sensor which makes it hard for them to get the readings correctly. Both of the sensors come with a suction cup to help mount the probes right on the terrarium glass.

Iapsales Egg Incubator On White Background



Plus, the 3-in-1 mounting feature has helped users adjust the device to their desired setting. You can attach the device to your clothes, place it on a tabletop, or let it act as a magnet and attach on a metal surface. Making it a versatile device for users who to track their surroundings anywhere they go.

You'll want to look out for the device's low durability. People stated that the device stopped within 4 months of usage. Make sure to properly maintain your hygrometer to ensure that it will last and get it repaired if it starts to act defectively.

Mainly, you can't go wrong with the lapsales Egg Incubator. Not only does it have multiple positions for you to hold it, but it also gives you a quick and accurate reading in less than 5 seconds. Buy this device if you're serious about making sure your eggs are incubated correctly and properly.

The Verdict

We decided that the Iapsales Egg Incubator is the best humidity gauge that money can buy. It's fast, versatile, and can be easily adjusted for almost any situation. Getting this device will ensure that your eggs will be edible to eat, still grow at an organic rate, or hatch into healthy baby chicks.

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