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Guide To Best Chicken Incubators

Whether you’re just starting out in the world of hatching eggs or have many years experience behind you, purchasing a new incubator can be an exciting but challenging task.

While you’re eager to get started and want to be sure you have the best possible product, it can be daunting to make your way through the hundreds of variations and features available all claiming to be the best incubators for sale.

Hatching eggs isn’t just for animals to do, and there are many reasons why you might like to speed up the process if you have your own birds or other animals at home.

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Buying an egg incubator for sale can ensure you get a higher success rate in your hatch, and keep the eggs protected from predators and harsh outdoor elements. With the newly hatched eggs, you can create a sustainable home and garden or even use the hatchlings to sell or trade if you’re a breeder.

Although the market is heavily saturated and there’s a lot to consider, we’ve taken the hard work out of this process for you. We’ve selected five of the top selling incubators, each with something unique to offer, and each available to suit every price range. These incubators cover everything from manual to fully automatic, so you can decide what type of egg farming you’d like to do.

If you’ve been wondering how much is an incubator and thinking that you likely won’t have the funds to get started, you’ll be pleased to know that these are very budget friendly. These products represent some of the best on the market, so all you need to do is decide which one suits your hatching requirements.

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Features Of The Best Incubators For Hatching Eggs

One of the reasons why finding the best chicken incubator can be a daunting process is because there are so many functions and features available to choose from. Many people think that a personal chicken farmer or someone who enjoys to do it as a hobby at home needs their incubator to be as simple as possible, but there are still some out there who like their incubator with all the bells and whistles.


The capacity of an incubator refers to how many eggs it can hold within. Most will advertise this amount in regards to chicken eggs, but be sure that it’s capable of holding other types too if that’s what you’re planning on hatching. Some have adjustable egg trays to suit every type, where others will only have a dedicated shape and size mold for this.

Power Supply

Almost all incubators run on a corded power supply which plugs into a standard outlet. However, when considering a commercial sized incubator you might need to have a larger power source available that’s capable of powering such a large machine.

Automatic Turner

Depending on the type of egg farmer you are, this function may hold a lot of importance. An automatic turner slowly rotates the eggs safely so you don’t have to do this manually. Manual handling can sometimes break or crack the eggs, so people often prefer an automatic function, however, if you prefer to be hands on at all stages of the hatching process you’ll want to do it yourself.

Temperature Control

Some incubators come with an automatic temperature control setting which you can alter to suit the different types of eggs you might be farming. Otherwise, you can control this yourself by using a thermometer set to the exact conditions that your chicks need to thrive.

Incubator Control Module On White Surface

Humidity Control

Just as important as the temperature is the humidity, and this can be controlled a number of ways in an incubator. The two most common are with either an absorbent pad soaked in water or through a vapor system inside the incubator. As each species requires their own unique level of humidity, you’ll need to have either a hygrometer in the incubator or purchase one separately.

Viewing Windows

Almost all incubators have a viewing window of some sort so that you can witness the miracle of each hatch as it happens. These are ideal for keeping an eye on conditions and they are also great for showing children and students exactly how the egg hatching process occurs.


Some incubators are made specifically for one bird species, so if your intention is to hatch a range of birds you’ll need to check for this. This is usually indicated in the egg tray which shows a size and if it sets to an automatic humidity and temperature level.

There are so many variations of incubators to be found, so the best way to find one for you is to figure out what type of egg farmer you hope to be. Whether you just want to hatch a few chicks at home for the garden, purchase an incubator to teach your class about the hatching process, or hatch a few more eggs than one bird can provide, there’s likely to be one suitable for you.

Best Incubators Under $100

Although it can be hard to find the best incubators for chickens under $100, that’s not to say it’s impossible. Chicken incubators are generally quite detailed and complex, so it can be hard to get one that comes in under budget. However, these incubators represent the most affordable styles available without losing anything on quality or features.

These incubators would be ideal for the hobbyist egg farmer or someone who doesn’t have the need to hatch too many eggs at the one time. They’re all easy to use and have great results from the people who purchased them online. Whether you like to be involved in the entire process of incubation or let the device take control, there are some great choices here for you to consider.

Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator


  • Fits four dozen regular sized chicken eggs;
  • Digital display which shows days to hatch, temperature and humidity;
  • ​Temperature warning light will flash if temperature drops below 97F or above 103F;
  • ​Large picture window with a 360-degree view;
  • ​Made from a durable plastic shell for easy cleaning;
Farm innovators model 2150  Digital Still Air Incubator

Our Rating

If you’re a home egg farmer and wanting something with a bit more capacity, the Farm Innovators Model 2150 Digital Still Air Incubator has you covered. This fits four dozen chicken eggs inside but can also accommodate to other species as well. To use with other species all you need to do is adjust the tray separator, which is simple enough to do.

The best feature has to be the digital display which makes it simple to see temperature, humidity levels, and even a handy countdown timer for when the eggs are due to hatch. As you can set this for each species, there’s no need to second guess when you’re choosing settings or wondering if the hatch date is coming near, as this incubator does it all for you.

The case has been made from a durable plastic which makes cleaning up easy, but be careful when you fill it with water for the humidifier as it may leak through the holes in the bottom. To save from this, simply place a towel underneath so you don’t do any damage to the carpet, and you’ll be fine to use it as is or use the incubator on a tiled floor instead.

The best part about using the Farm Innovators Digital Still Air Incubator is that it’s very user friendly, so it suits even amateur egg hatchers. There’s a handy 360-degree window as well so this is ideal if you’re looking to teach your kids or students about the wonder of incubation.

As one of the more budget-friendly models, you can really get a lot out of this incubator and it makes a wise investment for first-time hatchers.

G.Q.F. Manufacturing 1602N Hova-Bator Incubator


  • Two small viewing windows on top to experience the wonder;
  • Single level hatching design;
  • ​Wafer thermostat for proven accuracy;
  • ​Thermal airflow technology;
  • ​Features single incubator with no extra features;
G.Q.F.-Manufacturing-1602N-Hovabator empty egg incubator

Our Rating

As one of the most trusted names in incubators, it’s no wonder if you’re searching for an automatic incubator for sale this is always a common favorite. The HovaBator has long been the chosen brand name for small incubators, and many homes around America will gladly attest to just how simple they are to use. This one, in particular, is a simple version without any complicated add-ons, so the egg farmer can take part fully in the incubation process.

The HovaBator is often considered one of the best incubators for chickens, and users are often impressed by just how affordable it is when compared to others on the market. The best thing about it is the sturdy construction which means that there are no air holes to get in and mess with your temperature and humidity levels, and it’s easy to keep clean as well.

As the temperature can fluctuate a bit in your house, it’s best to run this for a few days and keep an eye on conditions inside the incubator before you go placing your eggs inside. This will be your best guide to how it will handle when you have the fertilized eggs within so you don’t lose any due to fluctuations in temperature. If you want to purchase another thermometer to double check temperatures, it probably couldn’t hurt.

For people who don’t want to spend their time babysitting eggs and turning them carefully by hand, this isn’t the incubator for you. However, if you prefer the hands on approaching to rearing chickens and like to be involved every step of the way, you’ll be pleased with everything the HobaBator1602N Incubator can offer.

Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator


  • Small and convenient design fits 12 eggs at once;
  • Automatic egg turner inside to avoid breakages from manual turning;
  • ​Digital and fully automatic functions including temperature controlling for each species of egg;
  • Constructed of durable PP+ABS material and easy to clean and maintain;
Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator 9-12 Eggs Poultry Hatch On White Surface

Our Rating

For something more modern and compact, you can’t go past the Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator. If you’re interested in hatching eggs but don’t want a big, bulky machine in your house, this could be just the product you’ve been looking for. With the capacity to fit 12 standard size chicken eggs within, this incubator suits the hobbyist egg farmer best.

The best thing about the Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic Egg Incubator is the digital and automatic functions, so you can just set your eggs inside and let it work its magic. There’s an automatic egg turner inside so you don’t have to risk breaking or cracking the eggs yourself, and it works so delicately and slowly that you won’t be able to see it moving with the naked eye.

Another great automatic function is the temperature control, which you can set to meet a range of different bird species and then leave it to do the rest. Reviewers have rated this one of the best incubators for chicken eggs, so if that’s what you’re interested in farming then you’ve met your match with this one.

The Magicfly Digital Mini Fully Automatic is excellent value for money, particularly when compared to other chicken incubator Amazon products, especially with its current discounted rate. Whether you’re new to the world of egg hatching or want to update your old incubator, you can’t go wrong with the modern and simplistic feel of this one from Magicfly.

Best Incubators Over $100

When searching for a new egg incubator, you’ve probably resigned yourself to the fact that you have to spend a few hundred dollars at least to get something decent. While we’ve shown you that there are some great options available under $100, there are even more amazing finds when you look just slightly over this price range.

Spending more than $100 on buying the best chicken incubator doesn’t just have to be for the professionals, and even if you’re new to the hatching hobby you might prefer to spend a little more to get a superior product. Here are some of the great finds you’ll get if you’re willing to invest a little more for quality and features.

HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit


  • Complete kit with egg incubator, forced air fan kit, automatic egg turner, digital thermometer, and digital hygrometer;
  • Sanitary liner for easy cleaning;
  • ​Two 5 x 4” viewing windows for education purposes or personal watching;
  • 110V capacity with ability to upgrade to 220/240V with converter;
G.Q.F.-Manufacturing-1602N-Hovabator-Incubator with box

Our Rating

Another great product from the trusted HovaBator name, but this time with a little more to offer is the HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit. This kit has everything you could ever need to hatch eggs, and it’s got one of the mast famous names in incubators behind it. If you’re willing to spend a little more for this, you’ll be pleased with how many extra features you’ll receive that might just improve your hatch success rate.

The HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit comes with the incubator, a digital thermometer and hygrometer for setting ideal conditions, automatic egg turner to save you the hassle, and a forced air fan kit. With all of these and the sanitary liner built in, you’ve got one of the simplest products are for successfully hatching eggs.

Some reviewers have indicated issues with the digital thermometer and hygrometer not being as accurate as they’d hoped. To rectify this, it might pay to invest just a few dollars more for a new one of each so you can be sure that your readings are correct. Other than that, there’s not much to complain about with the HovaBator Kit.

If you’re looking for one stop shop and complete kit that has all of your egg hatching needs, this is the best value for money you can find. Not only will it save you from shopping around for all the different bits and pieces, but you’ll have peace of mind that it all comes from the trusted name of HovaBator.

Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator


  • Will fit 24 chicken eggs inside and can be adjusted for other egg sizes;
  • Automatic egg turning capabilities;
  • ​Highly accurate digital control system which shows temperature and humidity;
  • ​Automatic humidity control with optional Advance Humidity Pump available;
  • Hygienic and durable ABS plastics construction for easy cleaning and maintenance;
Brinsea egg incubator Fully automatic

Our Rating

For those who are looking for the highest of quality and most accurate conditions for egg hatching, you’ll be pleased you found Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator. Although there are some other great value items available here, this one will cost a little on the high scale but it’s worth every extra penny. A guide on how much do incubators cost would still class this as reasonably affordable, which shows you how expensive these devices can be.

The Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator is the incubation system of the future. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and easy to set and forget. If you’re into hatching eggs but don’t have the time or patience to fiddle around with settings and manual turning all the time, this is the ideal device for you.

One of the best things about this machine is that it has everything you need already, so you don’t have to spend up buying additional accessories or other products just to ensure you have it all there. If you’re looking to get just one quality product and have the funds to spend a little more, you won’t be disappointed with the Brinsea Products Fully Automatic Egg Incubator.

This will fit just two dozen eggs, so it’s in line with other mini incubator for sale, and you can completely adjust the egg trays without the need for additional products if you wish to hatch other species. However, if you’re more than just a hobbyist hatcher you’ll likely want something with more capacity to fit the rate of eggs you’re planning on incubating.

The Verdict

With a huge growth in people looking to source their own renewable and sustainable homes and gardens, the incubator trend has been growing. With a small incubator in your house, you’re able to benefit so much from just the one device.

These can help you source food, eggs, fertilizer, and even teach your children valuable lessons about animals and creating a sustainable garden, all the while saving hens from the factory farm settings.

Whether you’re looking for a small incubator for home or something to suit a small commercial setup, there are some wonderful options available here. Thanks to advancements in technology and what we now know about hatching eggs in optimal conditions, these new range of egg incubators are more accurate than ever. This means you’ll benefit with a higher hatch success rate and have less wasted eggs from your birds.

In terms of the best incubator, you really can’t go past the trusted HovaBator name. The best option would be to purchase the entire HovaBator Advanced Egg Incubator Combo Kit to ensure you have every accessory needed for a successful hatch.

Chickens Hatching In Egg Incubator

Although you could purchase just the incubator alone, this would mean a lot more work and input from you as an egg farmer, so unless you’re happy to babysit the eggs this might not be the best idea.

There is now a whole range of incubators on the market which gives you the freedom to hatch as you choose. Whether you want to sit back and enjoy the spectacle of incubation while letting the machine take control, or like to be involved in every step of the way, there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction and thrill you get when you first see your hatchlings emerge in their incubator.

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