The Best Chicken Coop For Your Backyard

The Best Chicken Coop For Your Backyard

When you’re making your initial investments to house your backyard chickens, it’s well-known that the chicken coop you decide on is probably going to drain most of your bank account.

You don’t want to make a rash and hasty decision regarding your chicken coop because that’ll be synonymous with flushing your money down the toilet. The last thing you need is to end up with is a pile of wood and homeless chickens, so choosing your chicken coop carefully is highly advised.

Best Chicken Coop For Your Backyard

The chicken coops reviewed are excellent introductory chicken coops to house up to four chickens. For some people, an introductory chicken coop doesn't cut it, so if you want a one that is of professional-grade quality, you should expect to drop at least $500.

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Our Recommendations Of Best Chicken Coop

Here are recommendations of best chicken coop.

Best Chicken Coop Winner: Merax Chicken Coop

If you require a place to house your chickens and don’t want to settle for a chicken coop that will stand out like a sore thumb in your backyard or farm, the only viable option you should consider is the Merax Chicken Coop.

  • Made out of Cedar Wood
  • Comes with Security Waterproof Paint
  • Suitable for Outdoor Use
  • Included: Removable Tray with Sliding Function
  • Comes with Steel Side Pole
  • Provides Warm Resting Area
  • Comes with Built-in Activity Area
  • Comes with a Green Asphalt Roof
  • Natural Wood Color Paint
  • Overall Dimensions Including the Roof: 67.9 inches by 26 inches by 47 inches
  • Predator Safe

What’s The Design?

Here are some information about the design.

Durable Build

Your chickens deserve the best possible care available, so it makes sense that you’re in the market for a chicken coop that makes your chickens feel as if they’re living in a mansion with constant top-tier security on patrol.

Regardless of rain or shine, the Merax Chicken Coop will house your chickens and make sure no water ever leaks through. Even though the cedar wood build of Merax Chicken Coop is not waterproof, Merax thought ahead and covered the cedar wood from top to bottom in waterproof paint.

The additional of the waterproof paint means that you can easily leave the Merax Chicken Coop outside and don’t have to worry about it sustaining any damage. A lot of farmers are surprised to hear that the waterproof paint lasts several years before it starts to show signs of degradation.

Merax Chicken Coop


Ensures Safety

Like all animals, chickens have their predators to look out for, so you can make your chickens lives easier by making Merax Chicken Coop their home. More often than not, chickens end up getting picked off by threatening birds such as hawks and owls, which is bad news for you since your number of chickens decreases.

Merax Chicken Coop successfully addresses the safety concerns of farmers since it comes built with a heavy-duty metal bolt that slides into a hole, which functions as a locking mechanism for the entry door.

Your ability to lock the Merax Chicken Coop from the outside ensures your chickens stay safe and sound within the confines of the coop, so it’s safe to say that Merax Chick Coop is the best backyard chicken coop you could choose from.

Best Chicken Coop Runner Up: Confidence Pet Chicken Coop

For those who have four or five chickens and require an affordable chicken coop that isn't too big, you'll be happy to find out that such a chicken coop exists and you'll find it under the name Confidence Pet Chicken Coop.

  • Made with Furniture-Grade Wood
  • Comes with a Waterproof Antifungal Paint Finish
  • Built with Heavy Duty Steel Wire
  • Built-in Open Run Area
  • Two Level Design
  • Also Suitable for Ferrets, Guinea Pigs, & Rabbits
  • Overall Dimensions: 62 inches by 24 inches by 29.5 inches
  • Bottom Layer Dimensions: 29.5 inches by 21 inches
  • Top Layer Dimensions: 33.5 inches by 24 inches
  • Wood Thickness: 0.8 inches
  • Total Weight: 41 pounds
  • Natural Wood Color
  • Comes with Asphalt Green Roof

Design: Comfortable Environment

The advanced circulation design incorporated within the build of Confidence Pet Chicken Coop creates the opportunity for your chickens to live in an extremely comfortable setting, which makes your job of having to keep your chickens hatching eggs a lot easier.

Confidence Pet Chicken Coop features two separate areas that vary in size that comes in handy for when your chickens need a designated roosting space and laying space.

Since Confidence Pet Chicken Coop accommodates to provide both spaces, your chickens will be hatching eggs like clockwork. Your chickens can access these separate areas through the convenient ramp that permits them to move quickly from one space to the next.

Confidence Pet Chicken Coop


In regards to air circulation, Confidence Pet Chicken Coop comes with ample-sized windows that constantly filter out fumes that come from chicken feces, shed feather, and decaying bedding. If the windows were not built with this coop, your chickens wouldn’t be living in a healthy environment, so their lifespan would be cut short.

You don’t have to worry about predators entering the Confidence Pet Chicken Coop because the windows are covered with galvanized steel wire that provides the safety your chickens need to live long and fruitful lives.

Best Chicken Coop Alternative: Best Choice Products Chicken Coop

If you’re dappling in hatching and brooding chickens or just need a place to house two to four fully grown chickens, you should consider Best Choice Products Chicken Coop since it’s known to be the best chicken coop for easy cleaning.


  • Made out of Fir Wood
  • Natural Wood Design
  • Safely House 2-4 Full-sized Chickens
  • Comes with Removable Bottom Sliding Tray
  • Enclosed with Wire Fencing
  • Weather-resistant
  • Comes with a Sliding Door & Ramp
  • Built-in Metal Locking System
  • Built with Two Doors
  • Overall Dimensions: 79.5 inches by 26.5 inches by 51.5 inches
  • Comes with Expert Assembly Option
  • Overall Weight: 50 pounds

Design: Simple Maintenance & Assembly

Amateurs in the chicken hatching and brooding game typically aren’t aware that just as humans require a clean living space to thrive and grow at a healthy rate, chickens require the same exact thing.

You can avoid making the beginner mistake of letting debris build up to the point that your chickens suffocate in their filth, and purchase a chicken coop that creates the optimal environment for a quick and easy cleanup.

A comfortable living space is possible for your chickens when you make Best Choice Products Chicken Coop their home since it comes built with a bottom sliding tray that catches the droppings of your chickens.

Best Choice Products Chicken Coop


Fortunately, the tray is removable, so all you have to do is slide the tray out of the coop, wash the droppings off, sanitize the tray, and slide it right back to catch more droppings. You can say goodbye to parasites and other hazardous materials that can kill your chickens when you include Best Choice Products Chicken Coop as part of your backyard setup.

In regards to assembly, a majority of buyers agree that Best Choice Products Chicken Coop doesn't take much brain power to put together. If you hate assembling products, Best Choice Products Chicken Coop conveniently offers an expert assembly option that solidifies it as being the best premade chicken coop money can buy.

On What To Pay Attention When Choosing Your Chicken Coop?

Here are some information on what to pay attention when choosing your chicken coop.

Is It Rainproof?

Even though chickens can adapt to a variety of climates with no issue whatsoever, you shouldn't be surprised to find out that chickens require adequate shelter from extreme weather conditions. These weather conditions include heavy rainfall, thunderstorms, strong winds, extreme cold, and heat.

Some chicken coops address the weather problem by including some form of weather resistant feature to the wood itself to ensure no rain enters the coop and ruins your chickens living space. Weather-resistant chicken coops are typically covered with some form of paint that repels water or are built out of wood that is deemed waterproof.

Rainproof Chicken Coop

All of the chicken coops mentioned above come with weather-resistant features, so you can rest easy placing your chickens in those coops.

As a side note, looking for the best chicken coop for cold weather translates to a chicken coop that can withstand all weather conditions, which can come in handy if you’re down to two options and can’t choose one.


A standard material that chicken coops seem to be made out of is hands down wood, but the wood used can vary from cedar wood to fir wood. Depending on the manufacturer of the chicken coop, you'll notice that all sorts of wood are utilized to provide a sturdy chicken coop.

If you want to make your chicken coop, you should consider using lumber to build both the interior and exterior. You can expect a DIY chicken coop to require a lot of work on your part, which is something that a small percentage of chicken owners end up doing.


Providing ample space for your chickens to live in is pivotal if you want them to grow at a healthy pace, so take the extra time to consider the final size of your chicken coop. It's easy to miscalculate the size, so you should adhere to the advice of multiple farmers that have experience in maintaining chickens.

Size of Chicken Coop

You want to follow the guideline that states there should be about three square feet of space per each chicken inside the chicken coop, so the ones reviewed above would fit a maximum of about four chickens.

If you do end up choosing a coop too small, you run the risk of having your chickens live in a stress-induced environment that can lead to cannibalism.


A portable chicken coop is typically made out of lightweight wood and has wheels attached to the bottom, so you can easily move the coop to different areas of your backyard. This comes in handy for those who hate to mow their backyards and need a constant source of trimming.

Since you’ll be moving your chicken coop from one area of your backyard to the next, eventually all the grass ends up being trimmed since the chickens will consume the grass, which ends up leaving both you and your chickens with smiles.


The best chicken coop kit out there is one that caters to every single one of your requirements, so you shouldn’t settle for less because your money will have gone to waste.

Out of all the ones we’ve tested, Merax Chicken Coop ended up gaining the title as the best chicken coop winner. You shouldn’t disregard the other two chicken coop options since they work adequately and are guaranteed to keep your chickens healthy as well as safe.

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